We Create Memorable Spaces

Our plant projects are intended to inspire awe in your customers. Here's our four step design process.


We need to understand your business and your customers to create the optimum design. We  take into consideration usage, ambience and, traffic flow. We also use this opportunity to give you more information on our design processes and the potential planting opportunities in your space.

Design & Sourcing

The design phase is the exciting part of the project where your ideas come to life, we are able to share visuals and ideas. Once we  determine the direction of the project our team sets about sourcing the products ready for delivery.

Plant Sourcing


The Ivy Chichester

Are team of experts will arrive on site to carry out the installation. This usually takes no more than one day. This is the most rewarding part of a project, when the client and realises the impact of the plants for the first time.


We have a team of enthusiastic gardeners who can continue caring for your plants and gardens should you need this service.