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We're making it easier, faster and more affordable to send and receive plants


We don't like things the way they are...

Hello, I'm Tyler, my love for the natural world led me to the world of plants. I believe plants offer a sanctuary from modern life which should be accessible and experienced by everybody.

I started Shoots to provide a more affordable, efficient and sustainable service to access plants.

We looked at the plant journey from seedling to living room and quickly realised it was outdated and costly. Our simplified supply chain allows us to provide plants faster and more affordably.

We now work with some of the UK's leading brands and supply thousands of plants to homes every year. Check out the plant journey below to see how we get the best plants in market delivered to your door the next day.

The Plant Journey

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Seeds are sown

We use a carefully selected group of local growers and some specialist international partners.


Plants are picked

We hand select our plants ensuring an extra level of quality control our customers have come to expect. 

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The journey begins

We transport your new plants directly to our sorting facility to be prepared for their new home and next stage in life.

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Hand delivered

To ensure fast and safe delivery our team hand delivers every item.